5 Reasons Make Online Business Startups Easy Failure

Lack of business plans, many competitions, brand is not recognized… become the causes obstruct online business startups’ path.

After the initial feeling of exhilaration, online business startups should urgently apply the right strategy series to avoid the risk of collapse. They should avoid some mistakes as follows.

                                                              1. Not have business plans

Many people even believe that website with hundreds of thousands of visitors each day will help the company grow successfully. However, the actual company needs a thorough business plan and prepare for any situation. In business, every smallest heedless action can cause leads to bankruptcy.


According to the analysis of CB Insights, 17% of the startups in this area failed due to lack of orientation. Those with more experience in the field of online business, the issues of costs, risks, resources, competitors, channels of payment, security, marketing, SEO,… are focused.

2. Not paying attention to branding

In fact, many successful business thanks to build good brand strategy, which is an important factor in playing a role to help customers identify products.

Trademarks can be identified through the company’s name, logo, colors, themes, website,… To startups of operations through the Internet, the website name is considered as the important role. Choose the wrong domain name will cause the hard product identified, which led to difficulties in business. To attractive the clients, the domain name of startups needs be nicely and related to items.

                                                   3. Do not stitch the design emphasis

Website with beautiful interface is capable of higher sales. In contrast, the negligent design website is easy to make customers feel discouraged. A mistake in arranging and designing interfaces can also cause the company to lose potential guests.

For this reason, the startup should invest in the interface in the process of designing website. In addition, enterprises need to turn every operation on the site become friendly with users in order to bring the highest business results.

4. Incorrect media focus

Website creation with no media element will be hard to attract customers. However, the media need to be match, not too much or too lacking in order to let products approach the customers’ demand without causing discomfort.

Starting time of operation, business in this field should spend cost on doing marketing activities. First, the startup should know the suitable customers with products they provide. Following that, the communication plan should be arranged carefully and used reasonable.


                                                         5. Do not keep in touch with customers

After website working and has initial customers, the service that customers receive will determine their bond with the company.

Therefore, to form the regular customer system, startups need to interact with customers through newsletters, emails, advertising, social media, articles …

If customers are favorite with the company’s service, they will introduce the products to friends, relatives. Therefore, the startups should focus on customers caring service more and more via the gifts, incentive programs,…