Do Business By The Selling Feature On Facebook

With just a few simple steps, Facebook users can easily activate the selling feature on their personal Facebook account to support their online business.

Previously, you could only use the selling feature when involved in some selling groups or fanpage. However, currently Facebook has started testing this feature on some personal accounts.

In fact, the experience shows that the status on your personal timeline often has a higher natural approaching about 3-4 times than that on fanpage or group. And it is also given precedence to show on the News Feed. But how to activate the selling feature on Facebook is still a big question mark for new people who are beginning online business job on Facebook.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho selling on facebook

1. Android

– Step 1: For Android devices, you get access to your personal Facebook account. Then you try to enter any random price then press Post. For example, you may have entered the 8.5 million price and then post. At this time, Facebook will display a small message at the right below the article and suggest you to turn on the selling feature on your personal page to increase efficiency.

– Step 2: Basically, this feature is no different than that on the group and fanpage. You also need to enter the name of the item, price, description, location, 100% new or used, the quantity,… and some pictures about the product and then press Save to save.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

– Step 3: If you want to post articles up to many different groups at the same time, you just need to click on the option Post to More Places (post to more locations) > Post. Note, this feature was only tested on a lot of personal account number, if not yet available, you need to wait until the entire update of Facebook.

2. iOS

Kết quả hình ảnh cho how to activate the selling feature on Facebook

– Step 1: For iOS devices, firstly, you need to upgrade the Facebook application up to the latest version via the App Store. Then access to your personal Facebook account, click on the Post status, pull down below and click on the option Sell Something.

– Step 2: Same as above, users also need to full fill the information about the product and then posting as usual.

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