The World Leader in Live Video Chat for Businesses

The Aurasel Solution is designed to be compatible with every business model in any stage of development – from conception to establishment.

Aurasel’s solution allows companies to engage online customers with a human touch to increase sales & conversion rates.

No large start up investment needed giving an immediate return on investment and cost-savings from day one.

It’s a simple add-on to your existing website.


Never miss a client inquiry

It is nearly impossible to be online 24/7 to chat with visitors and you no longer have to be. When you are not online, Aurasel becomes a powerful tool for visitor inquiries. Never again allow your visitors to think that there is no one there to take care of them.

Better in-store experience

Aurasel provides the opportunity to create a face-to-face experience via Live Video Chat in order to build trust and a relationship with online visitors. It enables e-commerce managers to replicate the in-store process within the online sales process. In fact, the e-commerce manager can in many ways do a far better job, and do it with greater efficiency.

Advanced Sales Intelligence with Visitor Monitoring

Designed by sales professionals for sales professionals, Visitor Monitoringdelivers actionable sales inteligence, not analytical data. Web analytics products, such as Google Analytics, provide businesses with a wealth of information. Web analytics are valuable, it’s just not what we do. Visitor Monitoring is different it will:

  • Identify Who (by name) is on your website.
  • What products or services they are interested in.
  • Where they came from and How menay times they visited your website

Knowing the visitors’ interests gives you the ability to turn your website into the money maker it should be.

It’s about engaging with customers not targeting audience


Increase in Average Order Value


Increase in Conversion Rate


Word of mouth brand recommendations

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Easily Installed & Deployed

Unlike other solutions that require a herd of developers to install and maintain, Aurasel can be installed and run, even by non-technical people, in less than 5 minutes.


Just a line of code

Copy and paste a line of code on your website and go!

Our support doesn’t end with integration.

Our support doesn’t end with integration.We are committed to your success. Our support team works around the clock as if you have your own in-house IT department. And it doesn’t end there, contact us and we will assist you, whenever you would like to ask a question or change a setting.