The World Leader in Live Video Chat for Businesses

The Aurasel Solution is designed to be compatible with every business model in any stage of development – from conception to establishment.

Aurasel’s solution allows companies to engage online customers with a human touch to increase sales & conversion rates.

No large start up investment needed giving an immediate return on investment and cost-savings from day one.

It’s a simple add-on to your existing website.

About us

The company was established with a strong vision to provide tremendous value to it’s clients and be a company that gives it’s clients a solution that is very powerful and effortless to use on a daily basis, without having to become an IT expert. To be the world’s leader in building interpersonal business relationships on-line.

The real market is much more dynamic, where in order to succeed and survive in our world of constant change, brands need a new breed of software that can handle the changes in the environment. A new type of software that allows them to communicate more effectively with each visitor on their company website. AuraSel is here to provide that solution.