It all started with this observation

People don’t communicate with people by filling out a form and clicking submit.

Yet the internet economy and the entire lead generation industry is driven by the concept that people want to communicate with businesses by filling out a form and clicking submit.

What if people could build an interpersonal connection on-line with your business? What if they could communicate with the same level of effectiveness as if they were in your office or local store? And what if we could make face-to-face communication as simple as adding a button to a web page?

That’s what the Aurasel platform does!

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Aurasel Studio

About us

The company was established with a strong vision to provide tremendous value to it’s clients and be a company that gives it’s clients a solution that is very powerful and effortless to use on a daily basis, without having to become an IT expert. To be the world’s leader in building interpersonal business relationships on-line.

The real market is much more dynamic, where in order to succeed and survive in our world of constant change, brands need a new breed of software that can handle the changes in the environment. A new type of software that allows them to communicate more effectively with each visitor on their company website. AuraSel is here to provide that solution.